Tomorrow's House - a new world
Today you need a multitude of devices which all fulfill merely one particular task. A telephone to make phone calls, a radio to listen to the radio, a TV and a video recorder to watch television and movies, a walkman or one of its successors discman or mini disc walkman to listen to music on the way, a credit card to pay bills, a PC for access to the internet, a cellular phone for mobile communication and a laptop or a PDA/Palm for mobile computing.
At home you have to worry about things like light, heating, roller blinds and air conditioning. You must take care of a complete assortment of food in suitable quantity and the exclusive use of the refrigerator is to store the food.

In the house of tomorrow the first new thing will be that you can talk to all devices. You can tell the light to turn on or off or to get brighter or darker. Furthermore tomorrow's house will be intelligent. When it gets dark outside the roller blinds go down and if there's someone inside the light turns on. If a person enters the house or a room the light turns on and also the heating or air conditioning. The refrigerator knows what food is in it and if anything is going to run out, you will be reminded to buy supply or the missing food will be ordered via the internet.
All former separate devices will work together or even be combined in one. There will be screens, speakers and microphones in every room. These basic components will be connected to the internet and this way enable you to listen music and radio, watch television, movies or pictures. You can simply talk to any other person wherever this person may be and you will also be able to see her. You can get information concerning the devices in the house or any other topic.
When you leave the house you will have devices for communication, audio and video with you. The communication device could be integrated in your watch and also include a credit card function, the audio device could be a headset and the video device could be a piece of foil or your glasses that work as a screen. With this you have the same unlimited opportunities like at home. You can have a look into your living room, find out when the next train departs, bypass traffic jams, find towns, buildings or addresses you are unfamiliar with, find the next restaurant or gas station, ...

All these new technologies won't affect your health. Tomorrow's house is intelligent. It turns off all devices and powerlines which are not in use, especially in sleeping areas. Passive physical measures such as Faraday cages protect you from electromagnetic waves. Air, water and food will be controlled in order to find dangerous, poisonous and carcinogenic elements and pathogenic agents. The toilet can check your blood sugar level. An implanted sensor can check your blood pressure around the clock and send the values to the hospital.

2002 -